CartaMe Loyalty Program: An intuitive and low-cost strategy for small and medium-sized businesses

In today's competitive marketplace, attracting and retaining customers has become one of the key aspects of a successful business. For SMEs, it is especially important to have affordable and effective tools to establish long-term customer relationships.

Customer base: what is it, how to assemble it

The customer base is a powerful tool for company development and a way to increase sales. But the effectiveness of such a tool directly depends on whether you know how to work with it. Collecting customer numbers even with additional information is a way to nowhere if there is no further work with the data.

Bonus Loyalty Programm

The loyalty bonus program is a system of stimulating and encouraging customers based on the accrual of bonus points for purchases. Bonuses can be exchanged for special rewards or used when paying for a purchase.

Types of loyalty program

A loyalty program is a system of activities aimed at retaining and encouraging customers. The market has reached a stage of its development when there is a shift in efforts from attracting new customers to retaining and encouraging old ones.

Do your business needs a loyalty programm

The answer is obvious - YES!

Customers are accustomed to the presence of loyalty programs and actively use them.
There are 17 loyalty programs per household on average. The top three most popular types include discount cards (93% of respondents), storage cards (83%) and cashback cards (77%).

How to improve your loyalty program

In the modern world, the lack of an incentive system for any business is perceived by buyers as insolvency and irresponsibility