Bonus Loyalty Programm

The loyalty bonus program is a system of stimulating and encouraging customers based on the accrual of bonus points for purchases. Bonuses can be exchanged for special rewards or used when paying for a purchase.

A plastic loyalty card is the most common way to identify a program participant when buying offline. Recently, alternative identification methods have been increasingly used, in particular mobile applications or virtual loyalty cards.

Advantages of bonus programs

• Smaller remuneration budget.
• The possibility of stimulating only regular customers.
• An incentive to make repeat purchases.
• A great way to encourage the customer to increase the average check.
• Flexible sales management tool.

Smaller remuneration budget.
Bonuses are not a direct discount, as in the case of a discount loyalty program. According to statistics, customers spend only part of the accrued bonus points. The average bonus repayment rate for different spheres differs, but rarely exceeds the level of 70%.

The possibility of stimulating only regular customers.
If the customer has not made any purchases after accruing points, the bonuses will remain outstanding. There is also the possibility of using time limits for the use of bonuses.

An incentive to make repeat purchases.
The client will try to use the bonus points on his account.

A great way to encourage the customer to increase the average check.
The customer can increase the purchase amount only because part of the cost can be paid with accumulated bonuses.

Flexible sales management tool.
The company can use different rates of accrual and deduction of points for various commodity items, thus managing sales of different groups of goods}


•  The logic of accrual and write-off may not be clear to customers, which may lead to disappointment.
• The duration of the accumulation of bonuses may alienate some buyers.
• The bonus program is not suitable if we are talking about durable goods and services with a low frequency of purchases.
• Mandatory automation of retail outlets. For the bonus program to function, the point of sale must receive and transmit information about purchases made in real time.

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