Loyalty system - as a way to retain the customer and increase profits.

The more a loyalty system is recognizable, the more likely a customer is to stay loyal to the brand or company. Loyalty systems have become an integral part of successful businesses these days. They help to attract new customers, retain existing ones and increase sales.

Types of loyalty systems

There are several types of loyalty systems: accumulative, bonus, discount, discount and privilege. All of them are aimed at increasing the customer's interest and loyalty to a brand or company.

Accumulative loyalty systems allow customers to receive a certain percentage of their spending in the form of points or bonus units. These points can then be used to purchase the company's goods or services. This system motivates customers to make repeat purchases and return to the brand frequently.

Bonus loyalty systems offer customers specific gifts or privileges for a certain amount of purchases. For example, a customer may receive additional products or services for free, a discount on their next purchase, or priority service. Such systems incentivize customers to spend more and increase their purchase amount.

Discount loyalty systems offer ongoing discounts on a company's goods or services. Often these discounts are provided on the principle of a card or a special code that a customer can receive after registering or purchasing a certain product. Such systems help to attract new customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Discount loyalty systems allow customers to receive a discount on all products or services of the company for a certain period of time or when a certain amount of purchases is reached. Such a system motivates customers to shop more regularly and spend more money. The company, in turn, gets loyal, high-margin customers.

Privileged loyalty systems provide customers with unique privileges and bonuses, such as access to exclusive events or special offers. Such systems give customers a sense of belonging to a special category and increase the prestige of the brand.

There are several successful loyalty systems on the Belarusian market that are popular with customers and benefit businesses.

"Poster Club" is a loyalty program for online shoppers from a large online store of posters, images and other items for decoration. Customers who sign up for the club receive bonuses for each purchase that can be used on future orders. In addition, exclusive offers, discounts and prize drawings are also available to club members. This loyalty system allows customers to receive additional benefits and encourages them to make repeat purchases.

"Belarusbank Club" is a loyalty program from one of the largest banks in Belarus. Club members can accumulate bonus points for using banking services, such as payments, deposits, loans, etc. These points can be used to pay for commissions and services of the bank, get discounts from the program partners or participate in prize drawings. Such loyalty system is attractive for customers who actively use the services of Belarusbank and receive additional bonuses for their transactions.

CartaMe loyalty is a fairly new loyalty program, which allows small businesses to get not only a ready-made system of accounting of personal data of clients, but also simple mechanisms of accruing discounts or bonuses to clients. This loyalty system saves business owners from spending on collecting and storing personal data, issuing and distributing plastic discount cards. Most importantly, it allows access to the entire audience of the application, which is more than 200,000 users, and communicates with existing and potential customers in a special environment, including sending personalized offers.


These are just some examples of existing loyalty systems on the Belarusian market. Each of them has its own peculiarities and attractive offers for customers. The use of such systems allows businesses to attract and retain customers, and customers to receive additional benefits and rewards for their loyalty.